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Meditation Your Way


K.B. from Sydney, Australia

If you are interested in learning how to meditate because of the proven mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of it, but you struggle to quiet your mind every time you try, then Diane is your go-to-meditation specialist.

I had the pleasure of receiving a 1-hour meditation lesson last weekend with Diane Dawson, the founder and owner of Calmitate. 

Please check out her work and great value offer here:

It was a truly wonderful meditation experience. 

After our session I felt more connected to my heart and intuition. 

It also helped me access my ‘inner sanctuary’ where I felt very safe, calm and at peace in myself. 

I was able to breathe deeply and enjoy the present moment more intensely for the rest of the day too.

There is nothing woo-woo or airy-fairy about Diane’s meditation approach. 

In fact, Diane is fantastic at making meditation easy so you can access your natural ability to find peace deep within yourself in a few minutes.

She also teaches you how to meditate on your own, so you can settle and reset your nervous system whenever and wherever you feel the need for it.

Ultimately, helping you make better decisions from your heart, based on your intuition and inner guidance. 

A. J. from Texas

LOVED your meditation method!!!

What I really liked (can't remember the exact words) was how you created the safe space...that created an extra layer of safety than I've (n)ever heard before!


Through our online classes and in-person events, you'll get the tools and techniques you need to start or grow your personal meditation practice, wherever you are.

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