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Updated: Jul 16

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I was once told in a performance review that I had trouble dealing with ambiguity. I remember the incident because I almost laughed out loud. My job was doing business process development and it was my job to create processes and write procedures for humans and computers. It was obvious that this boss had no idea what I did all day – literally the definition of creating order out of ambiguity.

I was mired in it all day every day.

After all these years I embrace the chaos of life. I see chaos as my path to learning something and almost certainly the beginning of change.

That doesn’t mean I like being in the middle of uncertainty; it’s scary, unpredictable, and I will probably make mistakes or get lost. It’s stressful.

One thing I’ve learned is that living is dealing with not knowing and all the stress that comes with it. My meditation helped me create a calm in the eye of a storm at a very young age in order to deal with the danger and chaos around me.

And my experience in doing process development and training has helped me create my meditation methodology. Everything I’ve learned in my life has prepared me for what I do now.

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