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Updated: Jul 16

I have bargained with the Universe when I got scared that I won’t or can’t get what I want. When I got self-awareness around this I shook my head at myself and chuckled.

I have, in past years, had internal conversations like this - “I’ll give half of everything I earn this year to charity.” Thinking that this is such a good thing that the Universe will surely present me with a hefty income. Didn’t happen.

I did give half of everything I earned to charity that year but I didn’t even break $200 for the whole year. And it took 8 years of trying and spending every single penny I saved for my start-up to get to today.

Making a promise to the Universe and expecting a certain return just doesn’t work. The Universe doesn’t bargain.

The Universe showed me my path only after I learned what I needed to and because I finally asked to be shown what it was I could do for the world.

It turns out it was there all along. Something I do for myself every day, meditation.

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