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Be Your Own Influencer

Updated: Jul 16

Beautiful Woman #1

Beautiful Women #2

Beautiful Woman #3

All of the women in these photos are beautiful. We don’t know their stories but I do know one thing, not one of them is thinking, “I wish I looked just like ____, If I did my life would be perfect.”

Influencers work very hard at selling you. This is nothing new sales people have been around forever.

I want you to know you are perfect just as you are today. I’m sure you have troubles and you may not feel perfect today but I’m here to tell you that your kindness needs to be directed at you. Be who you are, use what you have. Your happiness does NOT depend on having or being just like someone else. Spend time to SEE you-all your curves, all your spots, all you wrinkles. Spend time to look at yourself the way your loved ones do. AND decide that you will treat yourself with kindness and ignore those who would make you small because they want to appear big. They aren’t and never will be.

Your life can be grand or it can be angry and sad. You decide.

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