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Clean Up Your Mess

Updated: Jul 16

Spilled red paint

I pulled an oracle card for inspiration and this is the message - Clean Up Your Mess.

My ego immediately declared, “but I do that”. Hold on - do I? Do I hold onto stuff, thoughts, slights that I would like to avenge? Yup, yes I do. Is all this ick serving me? Nope, it is not.

I gotta laugh, just yesterday I was fumbling around with a whole pile of cookware trying to get to the pan I wanted and realized I’ve been holding onto a whole extra set of pots, pans, skillets that I not only don’t need but was - at that moment - causing frustration and stress. So I gathered them up - they’ll be going to my favorite charity tomorrow.

Time to gather up all my messy thoughts and get rid of them too. You can too, the audio guided meditation is available for purchase at

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