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Clear the Fog

Updated: Jul 16

Colorful Chaos

I pulled an oracle card for inspiration. It is Clear the Fog from “The Answer is Simple” oracle deck by Sonia Choquette.

Very appropriate for my current state. It’s not that things are hidden behind fog, it’s that there are so MANY things going on in my brain. It’s such a jumble that the pile of thoughts are a blur.

The way I deal with this is that I grab a thought as it races by and start to write. Today it (so far) is the structure of a meditation class on dealing with negative thoughts and distractions as a whole. And writing cyber security policies (meditation is my purpose but I still feel I have more to give doing cyber policy work). Graph and bullets written. Now it’s the book I’m writing. Gonna let that one fly around for a while.

Now that I’ve done a couple things I can let the other detritus float around and then let the stuff float to the bottom. The picture I get is that there is stuff tumbling around in a fast flowing river but that some of the river and stuff flows to a pond and then becomes still allowing the stuff to gently float to the bottom. Aaaaah - I’m floating in the pond. Great way to end the week.

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