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Eleven - 11

Updated: Jul 16

Eleven illustration

I’ve always been interested in numbers (not math, just numbers). I innately knew that numbers had energy.

I used to have an almost total recall for numbers I encountered. Sometimes to distraction-I could always recall all the license plates I’d seen-not particularly useful information. I've since reigned-in that tendency.

So-40 years ago when I discovered Numerology my number fascination made sense to me. I read about it and studied it and realized through journaling that the occurrence and re-occurrence of specific numbers in my life had meaning for me and that my Inner Voice used numbers and their meaning to occasionally communicate a message to me. If I pay attention.

For the last several months the number 11 has been showing up everywhere in my life. It’s our 11th wedding anniversary year, I’ll look at the clock and 11 will be in the time displayed, I’ll look at my phone and I’ll have 11 texts or notifications, I have now 11 new contacts in my contact database, basically anywhere there can be a number displayed it will be 11 or have an 11 in it.

Numerology’s explanation for the meaning of 11 – A master number associated with heightened intuition, spiritual insight and awakening, and enlightenment. The message of repeated sightings of 11 for my personal journey supports and acknowledges that I’m heading in the right direction, to keep going, to pay attention to my gut and acknowledge and learn from the teachers that appear in my path.

Right now, it appears I’m in a learning phase with my start-up Meditation business, Calmitate ( Learning and changing as I go; meeting some extraordinary people and teachers. Some of my greatest fears have shown up and been deflated, like being seen and personally putting myself out there. Coming to grips with the fact that not everyone will receive me with grace and kindness. So far, the grace and kindness have far outweighed the scowly, judgey, who do you think you are’s.

I am grateful. From my heart to yours

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