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Everything in the Universe is Subject to Change…

Updated: Jul 16

And Everything is right on Schedule

Hubble Telescope photo of the Universe

This image is an actual picture of the Universe (a small part) taken by the Hubble telescope.

Sometimes I forget how vast and beautiful it is.

The title of this blog is taken from a wooden plaque I have mounted on my office wall. When I take the time to look up from my desk or phone to actually look at it; I nod and say “So True”.

I’m in the midst of a huge change in my life - moving out of a profession I did for more than 20 years into something completely in the opposite direction - a passion - a knowing that the world needs what I can give - and that I can make a living doing it.

The Universe is supporting me in this transition. I’m learning to trust myself. I’m so grateful for all the support I’m being given AND it is so slooooowww coming to fruition AND right now it’s not supporting me financially. I have guilt that my husband has returned to work from his retirement in order to support us. But

What’s starting to happen is that this guilt and fear is transitioning into confidence that what I’m doing and teaching has huge value AND I’m at the point where I CAN’T NOT DO IT.

So, yup, CHANGE is fucking hard. My saying still stands - Do the hard thing-feel the fear and do it anyway! You’re right Universe - it’s right on schedule

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