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From My Heart To Yours

Updated: Jul 16

Concentric Circles

Every time I teach or lead others in meditation I am with them on the journey. Each class and guided sojourn is slightly different because I fashion the session with the audience in mind.

My heart to yours is a literal energetic connection of hearts. My meditation class is a basic journey that is designed to be changed once each feels comfortable with the method.

My focus when I teach and guide is you. While I’m with you on the journey, my personal meditation practice is put aside. I am completely for you and with you.

My class is nothing like you’ve experienced before and the rawness and power of it makes some turn away. But for those who connect to my heart; learn to also connect to theirs. And after a short time their heart connection becomes their unique meditation experience. They begin to no longer need me (my goal in teaching) to reach deep into their own power. They relax in their confidence that the loving energy they find is theirs to keep.

From my heart to yours –

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