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Goddess Sophia

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Today I pulled this card because I was at a loss what to write. As always, my spirit guides choose the right message for this time in my life.

This card comes from The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrated by Hrana Janto.

Wisdom is Sophia's super power. Goddesses that symbolize wisdom are often depicted as pregnant as is this card. Ideas about to be born, a new life both within and outwardly; changes happening now and in the future birth that are currently happening and to happen to the mother and child.

Wisdom is knowledge and experience. Wisdom is listening and action; listening to your inner guidance and taking action once hearing the message. Even if that action is to stop, wait, do nothing.

I have several ideas swirling around me and I have just selected one or two to act on now and put a few others to bed for now.

Wisdom is also guidance to ask for help, wise help, knowledgeable help, from those that are wise and trustworthy. I tend to go off on my own or to decide that what I know isn't enough and I need to learn something new. Experience tells me that this time is not the time to seek new but to take a step into what I know, today.

Thank you spirit guides, you rock!

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