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Updated: Jul 16

I’m having a hard time right now. And when I do it’s so difficult to be grateful. But I am.

I looked for photos to include with this post depicting gratitude and all I found were these people with smiling faces, hands-on-heart, pushing gratitude lists. There weren’t any - I’m pissed, I want more for my life, and when am I going to be, do, have enough photos.

Instead, I’m posting photos of me at different ages in my life.

There’s so much behind just putting my pictures out that I can’t grab just short sentences to describe it.

So, for now, I’m grateful for my life, who is and was in it, the horrible and wonderful lessons sent my way, and last but not least – the patience and time the Universe is giving me.

I’m grateful that this is enough for today.

Me at 17
Me at 39
Me at 70

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