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Have You Ever Felt Like A Pink Banana?

Updated: Jul 16

Out of place - not a part of the bunch - don't quite fit in?

Me too.

I have a knack for seeing business processes end-to-end, to be able to break them down into bite-sized pieces and to write about it simply and succinctly. I would do research on a subject until I could see the picture in my mind and then I would go about getting the puzzle together. I was extraordinarily good at this.

Many times this put me in a position to write policies, standards, rules, procedures and guidelines.

Which made me a target. Many saw this as some sort of corporate power and wanted to make sure they got the credit or that I was to be squashed and made to feel powerless. I was getting attention - which frankly, I didn't notice. Not noticing was my undoing. I was surprised and not prepared for the attacks when they came. I was defenseless because it never occurred to me that a. they couldn't see the whole picture and b. I scared them.

What on earth does all this have to do with my spiritual life and meditation? Everything.

My ability to meditate to connect to my spiritual guidance helped me on my path of self and situational awareness. There is no graduation or diploma on this path, awareness never ends and builds upon each new revelation. That's why I still find my self thinking "Oh, that's why" or "What I said or did was hurtful and I need to apologize". Meditation helps me to realize what is my part and what isn't. And that brings me calm.

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