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I Had Covid…

Updated: Jul 16

Sick Lady

…And it was weird. For 2 weeks -

I never had a fever. I had trouble breathing. Chest and head congestion. Total exhaustion, and an inability to put a thought together.

It was the strangest illness I’ve ever experienced. My brain went haywire. I would start a sentence and be unable to finish it. There was just no thought thread to pick up.

After 2 weeks I’ve tested negative but I’m still not back 100%. Brain glitches still happen infrequently and I still have congestion.

I am so grateful for meditation (and for anti-viral meds). Through meditation I was able to not freak out about my goofy brain and to let my body tell me what I needed. A good lesson to take forward in dealing with everyday hills and valleys.

From my heart to yours.

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