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Updated: Jul 16


Occasionally when I have trouble thinking of a blog topic I’ll pull an oracle card to get inspiration. Today I pulled a card; its title was Inspiration. Ha! So what inspires me?

I wish I could say I had a hero but I don’t. Mostly it’s just common things, a kind act or an unkind act, a color, a drawing, a painting, music, a phrase, someone’s personal story, a memory, fractals (shown in the image – I just love them), how very patient my husband is.

My inspiration usually arrives in Aha! moments that I think are totally out of the blue but in retrospect an idea or direction to follow many times have been in plain site for a while. I was either in denial (No, it can’t be that) or I was just not ready to see it yet.

Luckily, the Universe is patient with me and continues to prod me until I get it.

Just lately my past has given me inspiration. As I’ve been told I’ve lived a storied life (You should write a book.), and at 72 I feel as if I’m just getting started.

For example, my teaching meditation. I was in denial (see above) that this gift given to me at such a young age was something I could and should share with others.

Which brings me to what inspires me in the business world. I’m inspired by people who start a career or business when they're scared, when everyone they know (and some people they don’t know) tell them they can’t, they aren’t enough, they’ll never make it. And then they don’t.

BUT – they learned something that got them closer. AND they start again.

I’m inspired by people who do the hard thing when it’s the right thing. And lastly, I’m inspired by happiness because it’s a choice you can make for yourself every day.

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