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Is it Time to Stop…

Updated: Jul 16

Lone woman in rowboat on misty lake

…pushing, smiling, grinding on-and-on.

We get plenty of messages from the Wellness community to just smile through it, just keep going, just ignore the negative. But what if that’s exactly what we need to hear from our inner voice.

I can certainly understand working for a paycheck so that you have a roof, food, ability to support yourself and your family. I did that for a looooong time.

My mantra used to be “Pray, but row the boat” (when lost at sea-lost, period). And that’s OK if you can see a ship or the horizon, but what if you need to just stop rowing to find a direction or to get found. How do you know?

Your heart knows.

Your heart speaks to you in a quiet voice. Meditation helps you hear that tiny, soft voice.

My problem has been that, in the past, I hear it and choose to ignore it. Over time and in experiences in my life I have learned that the Universe will support my free will, until -

It no longer serves me or the path I am meant to travel. If I’m not listening but blindly rowing the boat, the Universe will put an impassable obstacle in my path.

Example: I spent $30,000 renovating and setting up a business only to get stopped dead. The county inspector wouldn’t approve my rented space. It seems that the adjoining wall did not go all the way to the rafters, it stopped at the false acoustical tile ceiling. I was told that the owner had to build the rest of the wall in order for my space to be safe. The owner wouldn’t do it, and since I spent all my money getting the space ready, I couldn’t do it either. I literally hit a wall or lack of a wall.

It took 8 years of hit and miss ventures to get me to my true path, teaching Meditation at

How do I know? The Universe is supporting me. I just got a small grant from the county. Free money! Support doesn’t get better than that.

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