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Judgement and Discernment-What's the Difference

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

For me, judgement shows up when I'm angry, hurt, embarrassed, or feel humiliated. Judgement usually shows up as name-calling.

Discernment is my inner voice quietly keeping me safe.

Here's an example:

I have a family member who doesn't hesitate to make sure that in the first few minutes of meeting, there is a dig, insult, or recrimination spoken.

When I'm in judgement mode I get pissed and think, "What a bitch!" and smile snidely.

When I'm in discernment mode, I think, "Hmm, it's time to limit my exposure to this toxic individual"; and I move the conversation to the subject at hand. And make it short.

Another thing I learned about myself is that judgements tend to pile up in my heart so that I get to re-live these scenarios over-and-over every time I feel slighted. Before long, I'm just pissed. Whereas when I'm in discernment, I remember to set boundaries that allow me to keep my distance. It's a work in progress.

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