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Las Vegas?

Not just casinos, Las Vegas is also natural beauty.
Another Las Vegas

I took this photo about 10 miles outside the Las Vegas strip. It’s late spring; it’s in Clark County but the address is still Las Vegas. Wait, What?

It’s funny how I, and we, get a picture of a place (thing or person) in our mind and have a hard time allowing a different picture in its description.

It’s the same with meditation. Most people would naturally picture someone in a seated lotus position with particular hand gestures. We base our expectation of how meditation should be based on that picture.

My meditation method, The Dawson Meditation Method ©, doesn’t match this expected picture. I guide you to create your own picture and use it to create your own safe meditation space. It’s your space that you can use any time you want. The Foundation lesson is free, quick and easy to learn, sometimes as few as 10 minutes, certainly within a ½ hour. Once you learn it you can even go there and practice whatever other meditation method you want to within the space that you create.

Check out to read testimonials and learn more about me in About Me and in the blog, This Is Me. Book a session- you can get all your friends together in Zoom for the free Foundation Lesson or book it for yourself. I also have an hour session available to book for individuals.

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