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Updated: Jul 16

Full color Rose Logo

The image accompanying this post is my new logo.

It’s part of my spiritual and emotional rebirth, a shamanic rebirth.

I used to hide (or at least tried to) but once I started to find my voice, words would seep out seemingly on their own. What I mean is, I would say stuff that would definitely bring attention to myself and not always in a good way. You see my newfound stealthy voice was pissed. And it could be mean.

My meditations recently, at least in the last 8 years, have brought me to performing more and more work on purging/cleansing and release. These meditations have been peeling off much of my expectations of myself. They have and are allowing me to become and demonstrate what an amazing being I am.

This realization has also unfolded and strengthened old and new gifts I can share with others.

Rebirth is hard, scary, and many times I think much too slow. What in the hell is taking me so long? Obviously, patience is one of my challenges. Many times, I can’t see the landscape, only that there is a path. Today the path is only ahead of me. The path behind disappears as I take steps forward. That’s a good thing, otherwise I would retreat rather than forge ahead.

I am so grateful for the love and support I’m now receiving from my loved ones, strangers, and the Universe. From my heart to yours.

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