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Secrets, Lies, and Coverups

Updated: Jul 16

Nope, not a political commentary...

Lone person heading into dark forest

This is what it looks like when you are in recovery and are thrust into or live within a family supporting the addict(s). To me, this picture depicts someone who has been down the road before. It's a dirt road because it's an uncommon pathway. This traveller is looking at the looming dark forest ahead knowing that if his awareness strays he could lose his way. Also knowing that the family he's in will do everything they can to keep the secrets, lies, and coverups they've always used to re-write the story. And he sticks out like a guy wearing red in a stark landscape. He's dangerous if he tells the truth, and he is telling the truth because that's the only way through recovery. And it's the only way to heal.

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