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Updated: Jul 16

Brain energy representation

I found through the years that my inner landscape needs as much care as my outer self.

Meditation is my way of checking-in with myself and a way for me to clean my inner house.

I take myself through a purging meditation (when I remember it or when my therapist asks if I’ve done it lately) that, when completed, actually makes me feel lighter.

I’m an empath and tend to absorb not only my own gunk but all of the yuckiness from those around me. Purging this stuff is essential to my mental health.

I also use meditation to read my mental temperature so-to-speak. Am I holding onto anger and then piling onto it with negative things others have done or said to me? Am I depressed? Do I start thinking, “If only I had this shiny new thing everything would be better.” Am I forgetting to be grateful-not only for the wonderful things and people in my life but for the “lessons” the Universe presents me?

If you would like an example of a guided purging/cleansing meditation, go to meditation on my website,

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