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Should I Quit?

Updated: Jul 16

I was thinking this as I was doing chores today. My brain wasn’t getting it, wasn’t putting together what it was EXACTLY I wanted and should be doing with my meditation business.

My mentor had asked me to write down exactly what I saw myself doing. I’ve been laboring over this task for about a week. Nothing was showing up. And then, right after I asked myself this, my Inner Voice started showing me pictures of myself on stage. Oh My God! What the Hell? That scared the crap out of me. So I put it away. But then..

I started seeing this image a lot. In objects, designs, and my mind’s eye. It’s a photo of the Milky Way galaxy from NASA. In fact, It’s in the middle of my logo.

Ok, Inner Voice I get it. I am being asked to be of service. I have something to teach (and to learn) that’s bigger than me.

So, I started to write. What I was writing turned into a script for a performance. It certainly is a different type of performance for a meditation speech but it’s all me. And it turns out is exactly what I want to do.

So folks – I’m open to signing up for speaking engagements and events. I can do it for a team, group, or auditorium full of people. If you have an open slot for a speaker send me a note at and let’s discuss.

Galaxy spiral

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