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Small Change in Perspective

Updated: Jul 16

Rain on a window

A small change in perspective may be all you need to allow you to move to a new level.

I needed a topic for this week’s blog and it just wasn’t showing up. It was dark and rainy out (actually my favorite kind of weather) and I thought “What would make this perfect?” I started a fire in the fireplace, and made a batch of banana muffins. After my stomach was full, I decided to put in my headphones and sit by the fire. Perfect.

I was pretty down because inflation hit our household hard. Deciding which medications we could afford this month kind of hard. We needed more income so we both decided to look for a job (we are retired). We both each have more than a 1/4 century of experience in our fields. My husband found a job; he will soon be teaching. I’m so proud of him - sharing his knowledge with a new group of workers.

I, so far, have not been so fortunate. Turns out a woman of retirement age is not a hot commodity or any commodity in the cyber security analyst world. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

While I have a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the cyber security world, I also have talent and wisdom in the Meditation world. Growing my business online has been slow. Not giving up, the world needs what I can give.

For today, sitting by the fire listening to classical music is the change I needed to be grateful for what I have today, and it’s a lot.

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