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Time to Try a Little Kindness

Updated: Jul 16

Find Kind

Sometimes it takes courage to be kind. Even when it’s kindness to yourself.

Finding a way to accept that as a human I am not perfect. In anything.

When I’m at my best I can put kindness to myself first; Accept that I’ve been unkind and in the moment (or soon after) I can have courage enough to admit my unkindness to myself or another OUT LOUD.

I don’t mean berate myself, find fault, or try to place blame on another. I mean realizing I’ve said or done something hurtful to myself or another and then taking action to apologize to MYSELF and THEM.

Saying ’no’ when it’s appropriate for boundary setting or when I need self-care is NOT being unkind even if it hurts another’s feelings. I have had to say, ‘no you can’t hurt me anymore with your words or actions’, on many occasions even to those I love dearly. Has it caused problems. Yes. On a few occasions it has severed a few relationships - that needed to be severed - to find our kind

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