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Unconditional Love

Updated: Jul 16

Forest with streaming Sunlight

The longer I live the more I realize that I have conditions on my love. And that’s not bad, or something I should be ashamed of or even something that I should strike from my consciousness.

Do I love the people who have treated me badly? Nope.

I think that spouting unconditional love is a trap that snares you into believing you are somehow broken because you use discernment when giving your love.

Do I love? Most assuredly. Sometimes so much that it brings me to tears.

I have also come to terms with some of those people who have treated me badly AND have treated me lovingly too. I reserve the right to hold them at arms-length for the bad stuff and embrace them for the good stuff.

The only experience I have ever had of unconditional love is my inner voice-my spiritual core. I am so grateful for meditation because I can come face-to-face with my inner voice and bathe in the love that waits there for me.

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