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What are Akashic Records?

Updated: Jul 16

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Akashic records are recordings of every living entity's actions and thoughts and all possible actions and thoughts or outcomes that are a result of these actions and thoughts. They are stored as energy in the Akashic Field.


The records in the Akashic Records (heretofore referred to as records) and their energy have no concept of time. Time is a human construct to give order to our Universe. So asking for access to a record at a certain date or time has no meaning and will likely result in no answer. The same with asking to know 'when'.

Also, a past record cannot be changed. An entity can 'correct' a thought or action but that too becomes a past record with its own possible outcomes. Change can only exist in the present.

To simplify and complicate at the same time. A record just 'is'.

The Akashic Field is also attended by an Akashic Record Keeper and Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones that are in attendance only to you. These entities work together and select the record(s) for you to see in answer to your question.

Why then, would you ever want to go to the Akashic Field or ask to be shown a record? The answer is that the Akashic Field contains your past, present, and possible future, all possible futures. It is likely that there is a record that illustrates a solution within this vast field, if that is the case, you will be shown the record(s). The record(s) shown to you will then need to be interpreted.

You can learn more about this and how to access your own Akashic Records in my upcoming four part class, "Learn to Access Your Own Akashic Records".

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