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It will be a privilege to work with you. You are a unique and wonderful human being that deserves kind and loving guidance. See how we can work together below.

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Items listed here are online services via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Oracle Card Readings & Prices


  • 1/2 hour: $45

  • 1 hour:    $85



  • 6 months:   $100

(one card each month with guidance emailed to you) 

  • 12 months: $200

(one card each month with guidance emailed to you)

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Oracle Card Readings 
Saraswati Healing

Saraswati Healing

Choose your own adventure

Saraswati Healing (Formerly Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring(TM) (SGSM(TM)) is a unique modality that has been channelled through the renowned spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild. Using a combination of oracle cards, healing meditations and guided processes, each session focuses on a particular angel, ascended master or goddess who watches over and guides your healing session.


Like a ‘choose your own adventure’ we won’t know until your session begins who our divine guide will be! As we open to the loving energy of your divine guide for the session, we create a sacred healing field allowing you to connect more deeply with your own beautiful soul, explore your unique life purpose and understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences.

Templates are hour long programs whose topics authored by Alana Fairchild and designed by her spirit connection.  They are called templates because the process and procedures are performed and read as they were channelled.

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Saraswati Healing Services & Pricing

Intro to Saraswati Healing (SH)

Short 10 minute SH(TM) mini session: $20.

Saraswati Healing templates:

I am licensed to facilitate the following Saraswati Healing (TM) Templates

  • Crystal Angels 444: $85/persongroup rate $40/ea. 

  • Crystal Masters 33: $85/person, group rate $40/ea.

  • Crystal Goddesses 888: $85/person, group rate $40/ea.

  • Love Your Inner Goddess: $85/person, group rate $50/ea. (select one or all 5 one-hour templates titled Heart, Spirit, Truth, Beauty, and Warrior)

  • Sacred Rebels: $85/persongroup rate $40/ea. 

  • Custom Packages available

SGSM Services

Akashic Record Reading

Advance your best self

The Akashic Field stores your every thought, action, and intention. With every thought, action, and intention it also stores infinite possible future outcomes. The records are not in a timeline, they just are. Therefore, asking the Record Keeper for a view into what your entity did in 1850 will likely result in a blurred view or have no response at all. But asking the Record Keeper, What can I do today to advance my best self? Will probably give you suggestions.


Each reading session is $85 and lasts about an hour.

Akashic Record

Pendulum Reading

Ask yes or no

Ask Yes or No questions. The pendulum will swing one way for Yes and another for No.

$10 for one question.

$45 for 1/2 hour.

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Pendulum Reading
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